Video Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide for 2020


1. What is Video Marketing?

It has been rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video turns out to be much more valuable, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Video Marketing is all about. In today’s digital era, videos have become one of the most effective ways of communication. Be it your employees, clients, partners or your audience, video narratives have proved their worth in no time.

This ability to use the video narrative to communicate any bit of information about your brand or product is known as video marketing. Video marketing is a powerful blend of striking storytelling and eye-pleasing visuals. This form of marketing has turned out to be one of the most prolific ways of convincing an audience. With the global market going digital, video marketing has indeed proved to stand out from the rest of traditional forms of marketing. Not to forget, video marketing is way beyond advertising. It helps a brand or product connect with the audience and redefine its existence.

2. Importance of Video Marketing

It’s not very difficult to perceive any reason why a promotional video is so famous nowadays — for a certain something, it’s a simple to-process position that gives our eyes a rest from the excess of literary data on the web. This would be the reason the world purportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social video every day.
What’s more, those of you who are going towards advanced showcasing vocations ought to have a total comprehension of the intensity of video as a promoting device. This isn’t simply because they may be keen on making astounding videos, but since they’ll likely need to figure out how to consolidate video into their substance so as to stay serious.
Video is flexible and connects with the content organization that not just gives us a genuine image of what is happening; it’s additionally simple to share over various stages. Buyers like it since it’s anything but difficult to process, engaging and connecting with and advertisers like it since it can give a possibly immense rate of profitability (return on initial capital investment) through numerous channels. 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI, isn’t that a great number?
Video is likewise entirely available to anybody with web access, both to watch and to deliver. While there is surely a pattern towards better video on an expert level, anybody can jump onto their PC and make their own video in less than 60 minutes.

3. Types of Video

Videos can be categorized into a few major types. It is mostly these types of videos that do the rounds for any brands. Have a look:

Vlogs are the cheapest videos to produce. Vlogging is one of those video genres that’s easy to poke fun at but hard to ignore. Such videos are majorly personality-driven o brand/product-focused. Not to forget, vlogs are very budget-friendly. A lot of business have started opting for this because there’s no money involved in the making. And, they are engaging. So it works for both, the makers and the audience.

-Culture Videos

When you shoot the ‘culture’ behind a brand, the audience connects. No matter if you don’t have a fancy culture like that of Google or Microsoft, if your content is good, it will tap engagement for you. Such videos can include office pranks, birthday parties, success stories, journeys and everything in between. These videos can also include ‘BTS’ videos. Such videos are greatly popular on the internet. While the growth in the number of Internet users is a global trend, we do see regional variations, and that’s what CISCO report says.

-Interview Videos

A decent interview ought to follow a lot of rules like a video blog, yet feel unscripted. As a questioner, your responsibility is to cause your subject to do the talking, not the different way. A well-done meeting video resembles an Escape Prison Free card for your substance schedule, and at any rate, is a surefire approach to start some conversation on LinkedIn.
Interviews can be a simple method to deliver content quickly. By welcoming visitors onto a meeting arrangement, you can use their insight to make your substance for you.
In addition, you’ll get a positive brand relationship by welcoming notable visitors on your show. You could assemble greater believability with your own crowd by partner yourself with different specialists with positive notorieties with great explainer videos.


Webinars are high-esteem, minimal effort tries that require no contents or on-screen characters, only a Google Calender. You can have questions and answers sessions with customers, item demos with taking interest clients, or even roundtable meetings with thought pioneers in the business.
Organizations that vibe open to shooting video blogs should consider putting aside a couple of hours to have online classes on a week after week or month to month premise. There’s actually nothing to lose, yet a ton to pick up. Not that TVs are boring, but 6 out of 10 people would prefer videos over a TV.


A presentation takes the energy of an occasion and consolidates it with the handiness of an online class to make a convincing and shareable account. At the point when you truly consider it, most TED speakers are simply people hoping to build their image nearness.
In the event that they can do it, why not you? One way brands can utilize the magic of presentations to further their potential benefit is by giving focused on presentations at organization occasions or little scale organizing occasions.

-Animation Videos

Although animation is a style, but let’s just pile this up altogether. A lot of companies are opting for animated explainer videos. Companies are using such videos in emails to increase conversion rate with explainer videos. There are companies like MotionGility that help such companies have well-crafted promotional videos.

-Live Videos

Live videos are very popular among the audience out there. They fit well in different types of marketing videos and work wonders. They are natural and easy to consume.

4. Video Marketing Strategy

To have a perfect video marketing strategy, you have to focus on a few things:

-The goal of the video

-Target Audience





On the off chance that you need to draw in another arrangement of clients to your image, you’ll need to make mindfulness organize video. Since you comprehend what phase of the showcasing pipe you’ll be focusing on, it’s a great opportunity to make sense of who your target group is. This is likewise a vital advance; on the off chance that you make a video without a particular crowd as a primary concern, it’s considerably more prone to be a failure. The individuals who are intended to watch it won’t, and the individuals who do watch it won’t change over. More than 57% of customers say they believe less than half of all the brands they encounter offer meaningful, authentic content. Things being what they are, how would you know who your intended interest group is?

The key is building up your purchaser’s persona. On the off chance that you as of now have one — amazing! Making a purchaser’s persona (or a couple) is normally done when an organization is building up its item or administration contributions. Apparently, the individuals you need to purchase your item are likewise the individuals you need to reach with your video.

Choosing what story you need your video to tell can be the best time and the most troublesome part. You’ll need to layout the accompanying four components, which fill in as the essential structure of your story. It is the story of your video that can increase conversion rate with explainer videos.

A character with an objective — This individual ought to line up with your objective segment.

Problem — This is your client’s agony point.

Mission — This will be the manner by which you present your item or administration.

Goals — This is the means by which your product or administration takes care of the issue.
Last but not the least, stick to the timeline.

5. Sales Funnel

A sales funnel , in simple words, is a guide for your potential clients towards choosing your product in a process.
It starts with the intended interest group initially monitoring your answer and finishes with your freshly discovered client buying your item.
The phases of a sales funnel are:





Let’s see how it all works.

1. Awareness
This is the place your forthcoming client knows about your presence.

You have to present your product or brand as a potential answer for the issues they’re confronting.
Videos that work best right now Search engine optimization driven videos, Business videos, Landing page Videos

2. Thought Arrange
Your planned client is presently mindful that you exist. Presently they’re directing their own exploration to make sense of whether to confide in your answer. You have to console them of your item’s advantages to get them to pick you from the challenge.

Videos that work best right now Demo videos, Online courses, Contextual investigation Videos

3. Choice Stage
The possibility has concluded that you are surely the best decision among the challenge. You currently need to control them into taking the jump and purchasing the item. The most ideal approach to do this is to acquire a human touch with the goal that the possibility can confide in you all the more effectively.

Videos that work best right now Tribute videos, Organization Story Videos

4. Action Your possibility is currently a client. They have obtained your item and have started utilizing it. In any case, your activity isn’t finished at this point! Consumer loyalty is vital to any great business procedure.
This is the place you guarantee that your new clients have a decent involvement in your item. Videos that are intended for this stage: Onboarding videos, Maintenance videos.

6. Making The Video

So why choose an explainer video company? If your video lacks any embellishments, it will surely not work for the viewers. Hence make sure that you hire a video production company that does the work for you.

7. Tools

Here are some online video creation tools.












GoVideo by Vidyard

Soapbox by Wistia

Hippo Video



Adobe Spark

Apart from them, you can also look up to the following for free stock footage.




For audio, you can look up to:


Melody Loops



YouTube Audio Library

While some of them are free, some have packages that can be purchased and availed.

8. Optimizing for SEO

Make sure that your videos are optimized in the best way possible. This way, the exact audience can have what they are looking for. All you need to do is:

-Choose the correct platform for your video
-Set a correct video length
-Have a crisp title that includes keywords and a description
-Insert SEO metadata
-Use high quality thumbnail
-Pay attention to the transcript and an effective scriptwriting

9. Social Media Video Marketing

The world Internet is widely based on social media platforms. Videos definitely play a huge part in this. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or any other social media platform, videos have marked their territory everywhere. With almost every age group present on these platforms, social media video marketing can surely be of great benefit.

10. Performance Analytics

Investigating Your Video’s Presentation
Following your video’s exhibition permits you to comprehend what enhancements should be possible in your next generation.
There are two or three key measurements that are normally accessible regardless of where your video is transferred — Online life, Youtube, Vimeo, Vidyard and so on.

Here’s the manner by which these factors can assist you with understanding your video’s presentation:

1. View Tally
This is the most fundamental metric you can use to examine your video’s presentation. It gives you how frequently your video has been seen, giving you a thought of your video’s range. This makes it an incredible instrument to have if your point is to spread brand mindfulness. In any case, remember that each stage has an alternate thought concerning what considers a view. For instance, Youtube will tally a view if the video is looked for over 30 seconds while Facebook tallies a view if the video is seen for over 3 seconds.

2. Play Rate
Play rate is the proportion of the quantity of individuals who played your video to the all out number of individuals it came to. A high play rate suggests that the video is effectively grabbing the eye of the intended interest group. It gives you how powerful your video’s Title, Depiction and Thumbnail are. In the event that your video is seeing low play rates, you might need to improve your game in these zones.

3. Offers and Remarks
Social offers and remarks are another incredible method for estimating your video’s exhibition. Videos with a bigger number of offers and remarks are demonstrated friendly exchanges. In the event that your video is seeing high numbers right now, been effectively captivating your intended interest group. In case you’re seeing low numbers here, attempt to make more video content that can make your intended interest group increasingly dynamic.

4. Consummation Rate Consummation rate gives you what division of your audience viewed your video from beginning to end. It’s an extraordinary instrument since it gives you how your audience is responding to your video’s content and conveyance. A high finishing rate gives you that you’ve been effective in making a vivid encounter. Attempt to support your fulfillment rates with all the more captivating storylines and dazzling visuals that will keep your audience’s consideration till the finish of your message.

5. Active Visitor Clicking Percentage
Active visitor clicking percentage gives you what bit of your video’s perspectives have finished with the watcher noting your Source of inspiration (CTA). This measurement is significant if your point was to get your watcher to finish a specific activity.
In the event that your video is seeing a low CTR, at that point you have to consider how you can make your video all the more persuading.
Perhaps a difference in tone?
An alternate point in the content?
Increasingly relatable characters?

6. Transformation Rate
Transformation rate is the proportion of the quantity of individuals who in the long run finished the ideal activity to the quantity of individuals who reacted to your CTA. This activity could be anything from really acquiring the item to filling their subtleties onto an online structure — it relies upon your video’s definitive objective.
This is a definitive investigation instrument if the point of your video was changing over possibilities into clients.
A low transformation rate connotes that your video wasn’t persuading enough.

7. Skip Rate
In case you’re setting up a video all alone site page, estimating the bob pace of your site when you set up the video is a decent method to gauge the video’s exhibition.

Studies have demonstrated that a decent greeting page video can diminish the site’s skip rate by upto 34%!

11. Video Marketing Tips

1. Concentrate On Stories, not Deals
Prior to the ascent of online life, in the event that you needed somebody to see an advert, you needed to lease space inside a well known media channel like television or print. On social stages, brands can contact precisely the same audience straightforwardly. This implies marked substance (publicizing) contends with amusement, as opposed to interfering with it. On the off chance that you need your video to be watched, it needs to make an incentive for the watcher. Videos that are simply centred around a brand, or driving deals, will probably be overlooked.
The best video content recounts stories that interface with the watcher. The better you recount tales about yourself, the almost certain your watchers will comprehend what your organization is offering and what it can accomplish for them.

2. Utilize The Initial Couple of Moments Shrewdly
Abilities to focus online are short. Actually, the normal ability to focus is currently simply 8.5 seconds. With regards to making a fruitful video, you should breath life into your story rapidly, to right away accumulate enthusiasm as individuals look through their feeds.
In the opening seconds, you should offer clearness to what your video is about and give the watcher certainty that what they’re going to watch is work their time.

Add a fascinating thumbnail

Both Facebook and YouTube empower you to transfer a thumbnail to sit close by your video. These thumbnails are an incredible method to catch watchers eye and get them amped up for your video before it begins playing.
Consider thumbnails a significant early introduction.
Wistia found that investing a little energy into picking your thumbnail cautiously, regardless of whether via web-based networking media or in your email advertising endeavors, can really improve your play rates. With regards to picking your thumbnail, maintain a strategic distance from a hazy, movement filled shot. Your thumbnail ought to recommend that the video is high caliber. Pick an alternate casing where your subject or condition looks fresh and clear.
Extraordinary thumbnails can start to recount to a story and show watchers what’s coming up in the video. For instance, the beneath thumbnail from Delectable shows the completed pulled pork nachos dish that the video tells you the best way to make.

3. Target Pertinent Audiences on Facebook

As a substance dispersion stage, Facebook is unbelievable. One of the highlights that make Facebook stand apart from other showcasing directs is the super top to bottom focusing on you can use to choose audiences for your substance. You may have utilized focusing with Facebook Advertisements previously, however, did you realize you can likewise focus on each post on your Page to a chose audience?
Sharing profoundly focused on posts is an incredible method to make your substance speaking to each individual from your audience. Furthermore, with Facebook natural reach in decrease, this component could be extraordinary assistance to guarantee you’re continually contacting the most important individuals with each post.
Tell your story with sound effects worth praising. They add a lot of effectiveness.
Include a CTA. If your audience does not know what to do at the end of the video, it will leave them confused.

12. Video Content Marketing

YouTube is the second biggest internet searcher beside Google — and it’s a free stage claimed by Google. (Search engine optimization clue: YouTube plays well with Google!) On the off chance that you need to support your Website design enhancement with content showcasing, and you aren’t using video as a feature of your content advertising methodology, you are feeling the loss of a major bit of the pie.
So as to comprehend the significance of video, you should initially comprehend the reason for content promotion.

What is Video Content Advertising?

As per Robyn Short, executive of content for Solidified Fire, “Content advertising is the creation and online appropriation of instructive, educational content conveyed as a methods for changing over online data searchers into clients and ebb and flow clients into rehash purchasers.”
Content promoting is the way toward making pertinent and novel content planned to change the conduct of your intended interest group after some time. It’s anything but a one-time-thing, but instead a well-planned, progressing exertion. Content advertising traverses various channels, including web, email, person to person communication, and video.
Video is one of the most dominant methods for appropriating your message. At the point when executed well, video is proficient and successful. YouTube is a stage for conveying your video informing, however it is likewise an interpersonal organization, which means content you post on YouTube can without much of a stretch be shared over various informal communities.

How Would You Measure the Accomplishment of Video Promoting?

Basically, the greater commitment (sees, shares, remarks, and so forth.) your videos get, the higher they will rank in web crawler results. This information can be effectively be broke down on YouTube in various manners.
YouTube tracks the quantity of perspectives on some random video, the wellsprings of traffic to every video, socioeconomics of a video’s audience, and social offers.

View Check

How often has your video been seen over the web? This number records for complete perspectives for your video, so regardless of whether that content has been installed on another site, YouTube will even now follow sees on every video.

Traffic Source

How are your videos found? Like Google Examination, YouTube permits you to see the traffic hotspots for every video. This is significant for figuring out what works and what doesn’t work to drive traffic.

Socioeconomics Age, sex and geographic areas of an audience are basic snippets of data to any advertising division. Who is your content coming to? Do you have to modify content to arrive at your intended interest group?

Social Offers

How frequently and across what systems is your content being shared? YouTube makes it simple to share your video content, yet to follow its prosperity over the web. Using the investigation instruments gave will permit you to adjust your content showcasing plan to arrive at your intended interest group.

13. Where to Use Video Marketing


One of the most admired platforms out there, Facebook really has its own way of dealing with videos. Every third post is a video. It can be an animated video, or a live, videos simply work here.


Using videos to emails increase their credibility and make them all the more lively.


Putting up videos on the websites triggers time spent on the website, hence increasing the overall traffic and leading to more audience.

14. Video Marketing Case Studies

Let’s have a look at some of the brands we have worked for and how they’ve used videos.


A Canada-based company that works in the service sector and sales for automobiles. They have been reinventing the paradigm of vehicle management for a long time. They offer a simple vehicle repairing experience by their app.
They approached MotionGility since they wanted a huge audience via their app. A Motion Graphics video was provided to them where a vast number of visual representations of automobiles, the app screens to show the full process flow for customers to navigate through the app smoothly, and app processes were shown. It was suggested that the real app like screenshots should be used to make the user more aware of the functions and usability of the app instead of the vague graphic designs.

-Solar Curtain

With a goal to achieve the maximum out of solar energy, Solar Curtain wanted to make the most out of their video. The company has crafted curtains that generate electricity from solar energy, and the idea is simply lovely. They wanted to connect to a wider audience with a personal touch where they can convey the qualities of their product and also wanted to communicate the ‘save natural resources’ message by utilization of solar energy. Their video was a product explainer video that broke down complex physics to a simply story and guess what, they succeeded.

-DAO Network

DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organised, s a SubDomain introduced by BlockChain Lab. They offer pre-programmed algorithms that replace human interaction / administration within the company infrastructure, from board level to service delivery. Since it was all too technical, MotionGility offered them an Explainer Info-graphic Video.
The video had to have a detailed understanding of the domain as BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence are not layman’s terms. Terms such as DAO, Block chain, Artificial Intelligence, Initial coin offerings and many more had to be simplified or expressed properly. And with a 3 minute long video, this was doable. It was indeed what the audience accepted widely.

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